2012 was another good year of life on the Gulf with summer on Shelter Island. As ever, Fourth of July with our family and grandkids coming from California and Connecticut. Amazing to see how our five grandchildren have grown. The eldest now teenagers and young ladies while the youngest is one year old. Fun on the farm and, throughout the year, happy days! This year, one single photograph and statement will suffice.....................


I consider my paintings to be abstractions of nature. 
Earth and water are always my inspiration: whether 
swirling clouds, glittering pools or trees swaying in the wind.

This 2012 photograph is of a painting from an ongoing series 
painted during our summers on Shelter Island NY. 
The view thru open cottage door shows farm cats with
sun and shadow on trees, bushes, grass and greenery.

Colors of blue and green, with shapes and forms 
abstracted from an ever-changing landscape, 
dominate and define these paintings. RS.